Wednesday, July 24, 2013

... Not on the lips, Again! (and a link to the low bid start auction )

I was feeling a bit cranky yesterday so I decided to go work on a pile of paintings.. and I did.  Closer to finishing some commissions, and a few for fun. 

I am not quite sure why I like repainting certain scenes... I am guessing as just a exercise of technique etc.   If you are very familiar with my work.. you would know this wouldn't be the first time that I have painted 'Not On The Lips', and likely will not be the last either.

This original oil painting is on a 6 inch linen mounted to panel.  It is VERY wet and will have to wait a bit before shipping.  When it is dry enough I will coat with gamvar varnish so the winning bidder can display their new painting on a small easel or hang in a frame.  If you want to check out the auction just follow the link,... thanks for looking...btw.. if you want to view the images full screen, just give a click on your choice.