Monday, April 22, 2013

Finn Fest 2013

Happy to announce that I have been invited to show my work, along with 4 other Finnish artists (I assume) during Finn Fest 2013 which will be hosted in the Copper Country this June at the Rosza Gallery on Michigan Technical University campus.   Looking forward to creating new paintings with a bit of that Finnish flair :)

The other artists are: Chris Koivisto, John Lundeen, Marlene Wisuri, and Marlene Ekola Gerberick.

Use this link for more information on Finn Fest 2013. 

Rosza Gallery

Thin Ribbed

Up for auction is another fun painting created in a similar manner to the speed demo video I have previously shared. I love this method because what ever painting 'happens to show' was an unknown to me... love the unknown... it lets me wonder... what is 'she' really thinking? too. another little prize titled 'Thin Ribbed', an 8 inch gallery wrap canvas with 3/4th inch deep sides, ready to hang or display on a deep easel.     View the auction here.
'Thin Ribbed' 8 inch oil on gallery wrap

Saturday, April 20, 2013


For roughly the past 9 months or so I decided to try an experiment.  I had wondered what would happen to my artwork if I wasn't pressured to sell.  Would I find new enjoyment or a new style of passion in painting?  Don't get me wrong, painting has always been relaxing for me... I love every bit of the process.  The part that was getting to me is sharing every part of me.   To make that a bit clearer, it isn't that I share every detail of my life... but, in a part that truly I don't well understand, my art work defines who I am.  Somehow I feel they become an open book for all, which sometimes can be difficult for a somewhat private person.

I took a part time job working at a home with elderly residents.  I really enjoy the people.  I love knowing that I can add a happy moment to a someones long day just by being myself.  It is the schedule that is getting to me though.  I only work at 'the home' roughly 3 days a week, but still, being mom, secretary, taxi driver, cook etc... gets to be just a tad too much with trying to paint  and blog etc...on top.  Plus, I am anxiously wanting to get some painting projects finished so I can move on to the next.

The results are in, I am thinking it is time to move on, and take the best parts with.  I need to focus on what needs to be done, prioritize without drowning.  As part of my Minnesota Initiative Arts Grant this year I need to work on roughly 20 new paintings for a solo show as well as prepare for the Powderhorn Art Fair in August..

I am currently working on some commission pieces. I thought I would put a few of pieces up for auction to reassure myself that life will be ok without a 'regular' paycheck.    Repose tells my story

'Repose'  9x12 inch oil on linen panel  (click image to zoom)