Friday, November 25, 2011 much to be thankful for...

There are so many things to be thankful for, where to even start?

Of course there are things that I am more appreciative for, in a
spiritual and emotional sense, like my family and faith. Health,
warmth, and friends.

It can be so easy to get in a negative frame of mind when nothing
seems to go right. It is so much easier to not dwell on the negatives,
if we can remember to be thankful for the things that we should
be thankful of.

To put myself in a good frame of mine as I begin my day, physically,
a hot shower gets me off to a good start. There are many in this
advanced world of ours that can not even do that. How fortunate
we are, to have the warmth of a fire, and food to fill our tummy.

In relation to my work I am most thankful for those who have supported
me with words, be it kind, or even critical. Both have helped me to
learn and understand. Those who have 'signed' on the line, and purchased
work in the past have helped in financial ways.

With 38 days left in my kickstarter project I need to say a special thank you
to all who have helped in any way, to raise nearly $1530 raised (some has come
in the mail) and just $3000 left to go, it warms me to know that what
ever is meant to happen will. It isn't the end of the world if I am not able to
make it to the class in Scottsdale, AZ, either way, I have much to be
thankful for.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

...sometimes it just needs to be fun...

I have been feeling a bit worn out and overloaded having a flu bug of some sort that doesn't seem to want to shake... I know I should have likely just hung out in bed and did a little 'sleep it off'...but I know with the holidays coming I won't have as much time as I want to I headed into the studio for the weekend... I wasn't there the entire time, I don't sleep there... living close to home is handy...and with the school right across the street helps a ton, too. I also want to mention a huge thanks to all who have viewed, and even supported my kickstarter project... last I checked the funds raised are 28% closer to reaching the goal.. and about 43 days left or so... Off and on I catch myself dreaming about how grand it would be to actually go to a painting class...AND be able to study high end work...IN PERSON... for a whole TWO WEEKS!!! DREAM ....sigh.... :) I am all for taking the positive out of anything I can... so in the end...which ever way it goes..there will be good.

...and now for some of my weekend fun...... the 2 smaller paintings (oil on gallery wrap canvas) are approx 12 x 16 inch.... the tall painting, titled 'FRAMED', is 12 by 48 inches... gallery wrapped...oil painting.. can always click on any of the images to view full screen.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recently Sold...

The following paintings were paintings that were recently sold...A HUGE Thank you to a few very kind individuals! for the record...I like to track where they are going so from left to to bottom.... Lamont, FL... United Kingdom,... United Kingdom,... Park Rapids, MN...Atlanta, GA....Texas...

For future use, it doesn't hurt to keep track of a few uplifting testimonials either.... (I love it when customers...or even those that browse leave those little comments on my blog...right on my gallery page @ Ugallery)

I too am an artist. An artist who admires works of many of my fellow artists. However, I like most artists are stingy with our cash because we usually like to eat and have a roof over our poor talented souls. So, when an artist makes an effort to pry open their wallet in order to purchase a piece of work from another living artist it must mean there is something special about the work and the artist. - I purchased Kayleen Horsma's 'A Good Cup' and was excited to have received it last week. Kayleen's style and compositions are in a class of their own, truly unique. The subject matter of Kayleen's paintings appear to be a snapshot of pensive repose with an undercurrent of unresolved emotion. Kayleen's use of the pure and unmuddied brush-stroke work exudes that ‘Less is more’. This artist has the gift of sublime understatement, a gift that few artists are privy to understand, much less able to master. I will cherish this fine piece of work always.
- W Luchsinger after purchasing work by Kayleen Horsma

If you havn't had a chance to check out my slide show and project... this is the link for 'An Affair Of The Art' at

Remember... you can always click on any image to view full screen.....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Art Affair... kickstarter...

I am running a bit of a fundraiser on a great site - Kickstarter.... Thought I would share just for fun. The last thing I want is for people to feel obligated to back my project, though if you would be so kind as to pass my project along I would so appreciate it. There is a slide show of my work as well as a video.....hope you will get a little entertainment out of it at the least :) ...this is the link

Going With The Flow .....lithograph print

'Going With The Flow' lithograph print hand signed (rolled in a tube) actual image size is approximate 12 and 3/4ths inch by 16 and 1/2 inches. (posting for my kickstarter project)