Tuesday, February 28, 2012


'Geratude' just might have a teeny tiny bit of an attitude, from the looks.

I had worked on this 24 inch oil on gallery wrap a few days ago and decided to go finish up before the snow broke loose... really wasn't quite expecting this broad to show up...but she did.

Sometimes I just have to go with what comes because that is how I like to paint. I would rather the brush tell me where to let it drip than having to think about what masterly plan I should try to follow.

I might not always like the end results, but when it feels right, it feels right. This piece should be available towards Thursday on Ugallery unless a purchase is made prior..... Gerty, I am not sure what to expect of her... she could be here for a stay or take off in a bolt. She kind of has her own attitude that way. (Click on the picture to view full screen)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Very wet and still on the easel...

..Just thought I would share a picture taken with my cell phone.. (sorry) ... of a new 24 inch oil on gallery wrap canvas....

I decided to stop in the studio this afternoon as I finished my errands... and out she came.... but not quite all the way. (seeing some changes that need to be made before completion!)

Hopefully it will be less painful than on the delivery table . Although... if someone wants to give me an epidural or some safe but very relaxing drugs.. I may take you up on that ;)

One thing is for sure, it won't even come close to comparing the precious outcome of those that give their first cry out in to the world.

(click on the image to zoom) .. p.s ... always love to hear those title thoughts floating about :)

Cool Reflections...

This one wanted to try a different shade of lipgloss.... 'Cool Reflections'... (also needs yet some better pics...) *click on the images for full view.. SOLD ... Germany

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...Bench Warmers... 'Worth Keeping'

I am always looking for new ways to get a bit of a color change... thought I would try this one out.... 24 inch oil on canvas (gallery wrap..) .. Click on the photos to view full size... sorry for the not so great photos...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Facade ... (a watercolor)

Puchase 'Facade' via Ugallery

... It was a might bit cool this weekend so I decided to skip out on the studio and break out the watercolors... just for a bit of fun.... The part that I love the most about painting is the mystique of waiting to see what will appear on my canvas. This one, if you are familiar with my work, might take you as much off guard as it did I. Just to explain a tidbit... when I set out to create a work... I usually try to sit down with no intention or expectation of what needs to be done. There are only a few details that I am striving to portray, which I won't go into great depths explaining at this time. To share with you... the unveiling... of the watercolor (and a bit of quache) titled 'Facade'- actual painted size is 13.5 inches by 20.5 inches, with an approx 3/4ths inch white paper edge... To answer the... what does the title mean question... simply this, the exterior is not always a match for what is inside, judging a book by the cover is not always advised.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

... a few new 6 inch pieces.. and a little news :)

Purchase 'Best Dress' .. 125.00 shipping included (with tracking and insurance)

... I have been working, really, I have! I have a few shiny pictures to share... not the kind of shiny that I like... but still. I hate when my battery wears out- both mine and the camera! Hopefully very soon I will have some more work to share... (I worked on 5 today... 2 are ready to go aside for the drying and such.) Oh... and the little bit of news ... If you are in the Evergreen Colorado area stop in at Stoneheart gallery to encounter a real life viewing of my work... only a few pieces there currently... but soon to be shipping more. A link to there online page with other necessary information.

Purchase 'Day Dreamer' 125.00 shipping included.... (insurance and tracking included)

SOLD Sydney, Australia