Thursday, May 26, 2011

Five Wings Arts Council names first Master Artist

I am honored to have been chosen as this year's master artist. The following is an article posted on the Five Wings Arts Council website.
You can find their You Tube channel here, if you would like to see the nominee interviews.

Five Wings Arts Council names first Master Artist

The Five Wings Arts Council is pleased to announce that Kayleen Horsma has been selected as this year’s Master Artist. Horsma lives with her husband and six children in Menahga. Horsma paints in oil and watercolor. Over the last 20 years, her work has been displayed at local venues, the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center, the Hubbard County Museum, the Vertin Gallery and Artprize (both in Michigan), online at Fine Art America and Ugallery and most recently at the Affordable Art Fair in New York.

The newly inaugurated Master Artist Program, made possible with funding from the McKnight Foundation, honors artists who live in the five-county area (Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena) and have shown dedication to and skill in their artistic pursuits, given back to their communities and have defined goals for their future. The Master Artist is chosen from a list of candidates compiled by nomination. The selection is made by the board (representatives from each of the counties) and the staff of the arts council after viewing nominee profiles, work samples and video presentations. In addition to Horsma, nominees for 2011 include: Jim Daly, Royalton; Karen Knierim, Breezy Point; Jeff Kreitz, Breezy Point; Scott Lykins, Lake Shore; Laura Paycer, Nisswa; and Wayne Renn, Staples.

“I choose colors for visual impact,” Horsma says of the play of earth tones against dark values producing chiaroscuro effects on her canvases. The stylized people in her work express emotion and tell a story which is Horsma’s goal with each painting. She is a member of the Menahga Arts Guild and the Menahga Chamber of Commerce. She wants to continue to learn and grow as an artist. “She’s focused, has her own style and is an accomplished painter,” said a member of the review board.

Jim Daly attended the Columbus College of Art and Design. He paints in pastels, watercolors and oils; small portraits to large scale murals. He also carves stool seats and canoe paddles and is a frequent participant in historical reenactment rendezvous along with his wife Catie. They live on what Daly describes as “Old McDonald’s farm” near Royalton with a menagerie of farm stock and pets. His goal, after 40 years of being an artist, is still to make art his life’s work.

Karen Knierim is a designer of clothing made from organic cotton. She creates the patterns, dyes the fabric, and sews the garments, even making the clay button closures. She weaves leftover scraps into handsome rugs. Her minimal contribution to the waste stream through re-use of scraps as well as environmental responsibility in using earth-friendly dyes has earned her recognition and awards from two different Minnesota governors. In 30 years of making a livelihood through her creativity, Knierim has mentored other like-minded women and volunteered

in her community. She and husband Chuck have lived in rural Breezy Point for 36 years.

Jeff Kreitz learned the complexity of metal work as a factory welder but turned to the production of fine art nearly 20 years ago. From small sculptures to large corporate commissions, Kreitz manipulates and combines stainless steel, copper, bronze and other metals to create one of a kind pieces. “I want to keep growing and do the work as long as I can,” says Kreitz. He would also like to do more corporate commissions. Kreitz was influenced by his father’s metal work and his mother’s paintings. He works in his studio workshop near Breezy Point and is pleased that his two children show an interest in becoming artists.

Scott Lykins is undeniably the youngest of the nominees. A graduate of Brainerd High School, he earned his Master’s Degree in cello performance from Eastman School of Music this spring. He was the principal cellist of the Minnesota All-state Orchestra, The Minnesota Youth Symphony, the Classical Symphony of Chicago, the National Orchestral Institute, the National Repertory Orchestra and the Eastman Philharmonia. Lykins is also the founder of the Lakes Area Chamber Music Festival. His dream is to join a professional symphony orchestra. He will continue as a freelance performer and work as the ongoing administrator of the Music Festival.

Laura Paycer has always been fascinated with glass. Ten years ago, she discovered a new passion in working with stained glass and more recently in fusing glass to create her own material. She frequently displays her work in Brainerd area venues and shares her skills by teaching community education classes assisted by her husband Al. She has a fully stocked supply store in her garage and a studio overlooking a Nisswa area lake. She is a member of the Jacques Art Center and the Crossing Arts Alliance. She hopes to always continue to learn and experiment. She is a past recipient of Five Wings grants to produce a large scale public stained glass piece and to purchase a kiln for glass fusing.

Wayne Renn is a country musician and songwriter. His recording studio is in the lower level of the old Lincoln Model School in Staples. The building is a large scale undertaking which Renn is gradually transforming into a facility for artistic pursuits. Renn’s band travels the country though he admits the economic downturn has resulted in less traveling; not all bad since it allows more time for songwriting. Renn’s life has always revolved around music. His long term goal is to use the school building as an arts center which would incorporate songwriting, performing, recording music, televising music, as well as graphics production and community theatre.

As the FWAC Master Artist for 2011, Kayleen Horsma will receive a $5,000 cash honorarium, the Gilded Feather Award, a professional digital portfolio and recognition throughout the year. She will also be the charter member of the FWAC Master Artist Guild.

To see videos of the Master Artist nominees, go to and type “Five Wings Arts Council.” To learn more about nominating an artist for the program, go to and click on “grants.”

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Fair Review

Totally frustrated. Similar to how I would feel, had I been on a much needed, have to drop 5 sizes- diet, half way there I wander into the bakery and eat 10 deep fried doughnuts with every imaginable calorie oozing out of them.

Only in this case, I am not talking about a diet that I have been on for a short amount of time..., but half of my life. Half of my life I have been working for this day. Granted, half of my life, I have also been raising 6 children, so not every waking moment, but I have thought about this day ALOT.

It has been roughly 20 years that I have been studying, first watercolor, and a few other medias in between, and then not quite 4 years ago I found a deep connection to exploring with oil.

Then the day finally came. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to send my paintings with Ugallery to the AAF 2011 spring show in NYC. I was only able to 'see' the show from photos online.

A few of my paintings were sold . I am always happy to have the opportunity to try something new... and if it goes well, then great.. but if it could be better, the shame would be in not taking the opportunity to learn and grow.

The director, Alex Farkas, and I had a review after the show to help me understand the reaction of the Manhattan crowd towards my work. One repeated comment is the source of this frustration. 'Her work reminds me of Malcolm Liepke, and/or Milt Kobayashi.'

Now, don't get me wrong. I am honored. A few years back I would have been like, YES!! Arms pumping, likely not in the coolest of fashionable ways. Both are widely studied and their work can unzip some hefty sized wallets.

It wasn't exactly news to me, I have heard it before.... 'have you studied with Milt...or Malcolm?".... no, I found Malcolm's work and instantaneously fell in love. There are many reasons why I fell so hard. Some reasons I likely didn't understand, though one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to create as well as him. At one time I had received a grant for a mentorship with him, the timing didn't work out. I have yet to see either of their original works in person. Advantageously, I have a mentour relationship with Ray Wattenhofer, an artist whom I confidently say is a master and a dear friend of mine.

Malcolm and Milt are masters of their own kind, I am not the first to say it, nor will I be the last.

I want now only to be an artist who has mastered my own signature style. That alone, to me, would feel like a prize worthy of being mentioned in comparable conversation toward masters. An equivalent of finding the treasure chest on a great hunt. The only clues I have right now are...likely buried under a very large rock, and it's not in a doughnut bag.

ANY help is greatly appreciated.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Affordable Art Fair ...NYC...2011 and my OOBE

Tried, I really did ;) , to have an OOBE (out of body experience). I was hoping that I could just hop over to the AAF in New York, NY... right over by the Empire St. Bldng...., yah, didn't get too far with that... I get to have my preview party right here... Thanks to technology!

Thought I would share a bit of what my laptop is doing for me, and how I am making the most of it here with out packing any bags or wondering what I should wear....

I have enjoyed 'meeting' a few of the great artists that also work with Ugallery... each of them deserving and worth taking a look!

Rebecca Rousseau (North Carolina) and I chatted a bit on Facebook on the opening night, fun lady! She sold 3 paintings on the preview night!

Duane Romanell and his wife Christine Soccio (New Jersey) attended the preview night and kindly sent me some photos of the opening. That was so thoughtful of them... I was feeling so bummed about not going!

Duane left the nicest comment for me on my Ugallery blog...
"Kayleen - Just wanted to comment on how beautiful your work looks up close and in person. I stopped by the AAF show in Manhattan last night with my wife (and fellow UGallery artist) Christine Soccio to check out the booth, and so your work hanging there. Very stunning, very bright and colorful, and very well done. Completely impressed with your art. I wish you much good success with all of it."

It almost feels like I am at the fair... well, not really.... I think it would be so great if I could have my spirit travel to great museums and places I have never been! Bringing home trinkets wouldn't be so easy, but I am not so sure that one would need them if a person could visit them when we have the whim.

***click on the images to expand*****

To see more photos and get a better feel for the AAF... click here ...
To see or purchase the art work at Ugallery's booth at the here ...

For the second season, AAF NYC also will offer Free Admission for all visitors on Thursday, May 5 from 6:00-8:00PM, making art accessible for all. In celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8, Moms accompanied by a child will be welcomed to AAF with free admission and a special Mother’s Day gift bag. As always, all children under 12 can attend the fair no admission charge during all public hours.

General Admission: May 5th – 8th, 2011
Thursday, May 5: 11:00AM-8:00 PM
6:00 – 8:00 PM Free Admission
Friday, May 6th: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday, May 7th: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday, May 8th: 11:00 AM-5:00 PM Mother’s Day: Mothers attending the fair with a child will receive free admission and a AAF Mother’s Day gift bag (while supplies last).

Tickets: General admission tickets $20
Students and Seniors: $15
Group discounts (10+): $10
Children under 12: FREE during public fair hours

Happy Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 8: Mothers attending the fair with a child will receive free admission and a AAF Mother’s Day gift bag (while supplies last).

To purchase tickets, please visit

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Affordable Art Fair.... NEW YORK is here!

The AAF Fair web site can be found by clicking this highlighted link......

WHEN: May 5 - 8, 2011
7W 34th Street (7 West 34th Street)



AAF in NYC is the place to discover and buy works of art from today's hottest young talent and well-known names, with all works priced from just $100 up to $10,000. AAF is for everyone, including the art savvy collector and the first time buyer.

Ugallery has 14 of my artworks at the show... you can view them by clicking this highlighted link, .....

Thanks again to all the wonderful customers and supporters :) Hope you can make it!