Friday, February 18, 2011

Ugallery... Opportunity for Arts Lovers and Artists

I am pleased to share with you my experience and learned knowledge of Ugallery. Beginning in late October of 2010 I started working with Ugallery, which has so far resulted in the sale of 8 my paintings, and most recently chosen to be one of their exhibiting artists at the prestigious Affordable Art Fair in New York, held May 5th thru the 8th.

Galleries exhibiting at The Affordable Art Fair show are from Canada, Australia, London, Spain, UK, England, Argentina, Vietnam, Netherlands, Paris, as well as various states here in the US....

The Affordable Art Fair also gathers in other locations such as Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, London, Melbourne, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Sydney.

What is Ugallery?

Ugallery represents today's top emerging artists - tomorrow's art world. An expert panel of curators selects each artist, giving the gallery a diverse and sought-after collection of media, styles, and perspectives, both online and with show attendance. Try any artwork from their collection in your home for seven days with free return shipping . Art lovers can even try an artwork on a virtual wall - change up color Go to Ugallery to get an idea of what the piece would look like in your home.

below.. "Bonnie In Blue"

3 and 3/4" x 5 and 1/2 oil painting on

panel , sold

Why am I excited? There has to be a gaggle of online galleries, right? How many can you name that don't charge you a listing fee? That handle the sale? Pay for shipping ..(actually if you live near a UPS center that does packaging- just drop it off there within 48 hours of the sale) -2 weeks later they mail out your check at 50% less commission. Ugallery is based both in NY, NY, as well is in the artsy district of San Fransisco, CA. Aside from that, everyone at Ugallery is really very friendly and easy to work with.

Ugallery in the news....... From magazines to newspapers, and even decorating the set of the movie It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep. Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin, and the new Hotel Palomar Philadelphia uses Ugallery artwork to furnish its lobby. Ugallery has plenty of press and the link provided does quite prove it! and a timeline link along with team member information.

How complicated is it?

If I can do it... You can do it! Just follow this link and you will see the usual browser button to load up 10 of your images... their panel will do a review and accept or decline. It is important to remember when applying to galleries not to get discouraged if you are declined. Galleries do know their 'nitch' and what would work well for them, if you look at the bright side of it- consider them to be doing you a favor by letting you know that your selection isn't working for them. You are left with a few choices if you really want to work with a gallery. Follow your love and find the gallery that they work for, or follow your love and strengthen your work where it needs to be stronger.

" Not On The Lips" # 3 Oil on gallery wrap canvas, sold

For those who would like to see more of my work ......

view my portfolio on Ugallery, browse my

blog, Painting Color Within

Article posted by Artist Kayleen Horsma, Menahga MN for the Menahga Arts Guild blog

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Affordable Art Fair.... NEW YORK!

The Affordable Art Fair.... New York, HERE WE COME....well, not really, HERE MY PAINTINGS COME ! Some day I will come too, so I can check out-drool- those museums- drool...

For now I get to feverishly paint away ... I need 12 paintings by early March... and then another 15 for a show in St. Paul (May)....

I am honored to have been chosen by Ugallery as an artist that they will be exhibiting at the Spring Affordable Art Fair New York City May 5 - 8, 2011.

Galleries exhibiting at the prestigious show are from Canada, Australia, London, Spain, UK, England, Argentina, Vietnam, Netherlands, Paris, as well as various states here in the US....

This same show is also set up in other areas (other dates) .... Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, London, Melbourne, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Sydney .

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artists Wanted Portfolio...

My portfolio on Artists Wanted ... great exposure and opportunity for any artist! ...if you click on the title, it should bring you over to the portfolio...

...with a banjo on my knee.....

' Side Glance '

(gone to Alabama)