Monday, January 18, 2010

Commentary from Your Arts Desire .......

Thanks to Ken and Melissa, whom I have heard, and can confirm them to be the most wonderful representing gallery/ owners, for their encouraging commentary on their website..... -if you are looking for genuinely nice, Your Art's Desire on Minnetonka Blvd, is the sure place to stop!

to view their website, follow the link, or read the commentary below.

Kayleen Ylitalo Horsma is one of the newest additions to Your Art’s Desire. Having met Kayleen several months back, we have come to know her through her arduous and committed efforts to be a professional visual artist. A self taught artist who went after her medium with determination and persistence has emerged as one of the most exciting offerings we have in the gallery this year. Her quirky characters can’t help but pique the curiousity of the viewer and her mastery of her medium is a journey we feel very privileged to be a part of. She is one to watch and we boldly suggest you buy her work now, because she is certainly destined for bigger things than the Twin Cities market.

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Mari said...

Wow, Mukka! Keep it up!