Sunday, June 20, 2010

....blogging about my Artprize 2010 artwork....

.........just wanted to share that I am in process of setting up a new blog that will follow and explain what my process has been, mentally as well as physically, on creating my Artprize 2010 piece.....titled 'The Right Stuff". I decided to keep this blog for a record for myself, as well as for others who might have an interest in painting, or my artwork. Either would be a good thing. (.....disclaimer......if you are interested in learning how to paint etc, you may not necessarily be excited about my work......however, keeping in mind that I am self taught- you can follow along and see what it is like for a greenhand to create a 5 foot painting, or how it was for me.:) ....I hope also to blog, and even get some you tubing in about my experience at the show this year.

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