Monday, June 6, 2011

Looking Back........

" Looking Back " headed to Louisville, Kentucky, a 16 inch oil on gallery wrap canvas sold today at Ugallery.

The title, along with the move to the new studio location inspired me to contemplate. Should an artist look back? Does future success ride on looking forward?

One could say that it is good to look back, to remind yourself of where you have been, and what you have succeeded in. However, when I do just that, I am for the most part, reminded only of the frustration.

Yes, there were moments of 'I got it'... but the 'I don't got it''... is what keeps me moving forward.

It isn't about being the best. That isn't a goal that would even be an interest me, let alone the fact that there is a super amount of fabulous artists in this world to add to the ones that have since passed on.

My goal is to keep looking forward, to see what will come next. Though even in that, there could be an element of frustration directed toward the obvious. If one is to keep looking forward, and get only a moments pleasure from the work that was achieved, likely there would never be the 'aha' moment of achieving an 'end all' in which I could say that it is time to look back.

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