Tuesday, December 18, 2012

...a simple light... (a Christmas message)

 I remember as a small child, I would often wonder how was it that those wise men could follow that star to find that beautiful baby Jesus, born in the manger on Christmas Day. I could never quite understand how they could pick one star out of the sky and knowingly find that precious gift that was given to all.

I suppose it is only natural, that as one grows to become an adult, these questions are forgotten and such.  It was He who remembered, and answered when the time was fit.  You see, it was very late one Christmas Eve, some years ago.  After finishing the things a parent of 6 might do, admiring the stars seemed a perfect fit on that blessed morn.

What happened next, a miracle to me, a message confirming that God does answer- in His own time.
As I sat there,enjoying the brisk air, a light shone on the road at the end of our drive.   Glowing from edge to edge as though every pebble was shown.  I thought this beam perhaps to be from a car,  I waited, while looking to the left, and then the right, there was none to be found.  Soon the light began to fade, obvious now the beam was cast down from above.
How beautiful that moment was, a sign to me, that His simple grace message is indeed pure and true. Have a very blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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