Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pondering Polka


... Ok... I may as well just admit it.  This time of year is making me nutty and mad.  Oh, you don't need to be concerned for your well being... unless you are worried that polka dots may just drive you insane.  And if that really is a problem, I would highly suggest not even heading over to the auction because the start bid is only a quirky penny AND free shipping!  But if you like polka dots and loose, painterly, original works of art.. which, like this 6x6 inch oil on linen panel (mounted on wood frame)  with sides painted totaling 1 inch deep.   Ready to hang or display.  "Pondering Polka" is fresh off the rocker and will have to sober up a bit before she can ship anywhere.  I would give her about a month.  If that all checks out, take a look over here.

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