Saturday, April 20, 2013


For roughly the past 9 months or so I decided to try an experiment.  I had wondered what would happen to my artwork if I wasn't pressured to sell.  Would I find new enjoyment or a new style of passion in painting?  Don't get me wrong, painting has always been relaxing for me... I love every bit of the process.  The part that was getting to me is sharing every part of me.   To make that a bit clearer, it isn't that I share every detail of my life... but, in a part that truly I don't well understand, my art work defines who I am.  Somehow I feel they become an open book for all, which sometimes can be difficult for a somewhat private person.

I took a part time job working at a home with elderly residents.  I really enjoy the people.  I love knowing that I can add a happy moment to a someones long day just by being myself.  It is the schedule that is getting to me though.  I only work at 'the home' roughly 3 days a week, but still, being mom, secretary, taxi driver, cook etc... gets to be just a tad too much with trying to paint  and blog etc...on top.  Plus, I am anxiously wanting to get some painting projects finished so I can move on to the next.

The results are in, I am thinking it is time to move on, and take the best parts with.  I need to focus on what needs to be done, prioritize without drowning.  As part of my Minnesota Initiative Arts Grant this year I need to work on roughly 20 new paintings for a solo show as well as prepare for the Powderhorn Art Fair in August..

I am currently working on some commission pieces. I thought I would put a few of pieces up for auction to reassure myself that life will be ok without a 'regular' paycheck.    Repose tells my story

'Repose'  9x12 inch oil on linen panel  (click image to zoom)


Patti Vincent said...

Repose is lovely. I hope you are having a non-drowning kind of day! Thanks for sharing as I frequently have similiar feelings.

Kayleen Ylitalo-Horsma said...

Thanks Patti, something gives me the feeling that we are not alone :)