Thursday, December 8, 2011

...A Good Cap...


If you thought that I was referring to a good cap and how it would be fitting for this time of year, I would has been a bit chilly here. The good cap that I am referring to is just a few more small sales... always fits in right and never hurts this time of year.


Just for good measure, and to share with other artists who may want to know..(in particular, those that are thinking of submitting their work for review with Ugallery) I am happy to say that in my first full years time, slightly over by a few days, they have sold 25 of my some prints. To see the pieces that have sold with them, follow this link , or to see my available works, just click here...

I have had a few other good caps come my way this week... words can't express how happy I am , whether I make it or not... Thank you so much for all your help with my kickstarter project! The amount shown isn't actually the correct amount as I have had some donations come via the good old fashioned snail mail. The Fashionable Way :) .... Thank You again, for all the sharing and caring :)

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