Thursday, December 15, 2011

... Down to the count....

SOLD....Spartanburg SC

....Is it possible that there could be just a little too much counting going on? ...feels like a bit much over here... but it is all good... My kids are counting the days until they are done with school... and how many days until Christmas of course!!

....I, on the other hand, am counting the days until my kickstarter project, An Affair Of The Art, is over... January 2nd is the big day... And with a bit more luck and some kind hearted souls I will be dreaming..and again counting, the days ahead.

....Don't get me wrong... I am thrilled at the thought of taking a first ever class...and with a sought after artist, none the less- , I am really looking forward to and waiting for the newest mystery to unfold.... what will I learn... and what will unfold? I am excited to get back to the studio and put all of this generosity to good use!
...My feelings have given me a bit of a shock, I would have thought that I would be drooling at the thought of actual attendance at the class and gosh, getting to see tons of fabulous galleries and works! -Afterall, it isn't often...well, it hasn't happened at all...that I would get an opportunity to work and fill my head to the brim for 2 weeks straight uninterrupted of such things like...'mom, can you make me a sandwich... or where are my socks?'

...And then there is the money count...will I make it or not... about 16 days left... and I know folks are tied up this time of year with Christmas and all... not exactly the best time of year to be doing a fundraiser- things get a little tight!

...If you looked at my kickstarter project, the donated amount will currently read 1926$ ...and only 42% raised... just so you understand we are closer than that... Thankfully I can report that the amount left is roughly 700 dollars to raise. The difference is due to direct donations and commissions towards my project, via snail mail and such... Shhh...don't tell anyone but I am secretly hoping that Santa spreads some magic to help me finish it off

I know he can do it... we have been in touch to set a few more paintings on Santa's sleigh... 'Boisterous Blossom' (left) will drop off in Spartanburg South Carolina and 'Minding Her Own' (lower right) will continue on to Miami Florida...... (click on the images to view full screen)

...Thank you to the kind folks who have supported my project, purchased my work @ ugallery this month... hopefully Santa has a few more on the sleigh before the Rudolph leads the way.... here is a good selection of artists/ work if you want to catch the latest sale ...though I have to say there are many more great artists/ works that are not on this list... to see them all go to the main collection page..
SOLD....Miami Florida

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