Sunday, March 18, 2012

Conceptual Provenance...

Some might wonder what these words mean to me... simply nothing more than visionary inspiration....

Somewhat sadly, I have decided to leave Ugallery (aside from Paperworks, you can purchase 'Discerning Prudence' ...shown in the AAF photos... here ).... shifting gears while repositioning myself to continue working toward my goals.

Working with Ugallery has been a great experience. I was fortunate to send work for the AAF in NY, as well as successfully manage to sell 30 pieces in not much over a year.... shipping to within the USA, Australia, Singapore, and Great Britain.

Although saying goodbye is difficult, I am happy to say that working with the team has been personable and with outstretched friendships that I will not forget. I can only hope that our paths again will cross in a grandeur way.

The following photos are entered as a method of recording for those that may be interested, and remembering some of the steps along the way.

Looking forward, I will soon be studying at the Scottsdale School of Arts with Milt Kobayashi... as well as checking out the art scene.... I just may float... ;)

I am very excited to soon send Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen, Colorado (currently being updated) select works created after my class with Milt Kobayashi in Scottsdale, AZ. Originals can also be purchased at DailyPaintworks and with Xanadu in Scottsdale, AZ.

In appreciation towards the support that I have received over the last few years I have decided to try out a fun auction service on DPW.... I will be starting auctions for small 6 inch size pieces at a grabbing price that you might not want to refuse. 'Best Dress' is currently up for auction.... you can view the piece here. * please note that the pieces up for auction will be no larger than 8 inches square and will not be available thru retail galleries, although I may enter a few extras in larger size just until I go to the workshop.

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