Tuesday, February 28, 2012


'Geratude' just might have a teeny tiny bit of an attitude, from the looks.

I had worked on this 24 inch oil on gallery wrap a few days ago and decided to go finish up before the snow broke loose... really wasn't quite expecting this broad to show up...but she did.

Sometimes I just have to go with what comes because that is how I like to paint. I would rather the brush tell me where to let it drip than having to think about what masterly plan I should try to follow.

I might not always like the end results, but when it feels right, it feels right. This piece should be available towards Thursday on Ugallery unless a purchase is made prior..... Gerty, I am not sure what to expect of her... she could be here for a stay or take off in a bolt. She kind of has her own attitude that way. (Click on the picture to view full screen)

1 comment:

Christine Soccio said...

Love the richness of color and that "attitude"! Great one!