Thursday, May 24, 2012


The process that I like to use most when painting is a bit like drifting at sea... I have my paddle and oars, and a sense of direction, getting to the island is another story.

I don't mind throwing in an experiment every now and again, to see where it takes me... in fact, that is what I love most about painting.  I can stay right in my studio and make the sun shine, or not.  

One of the things that bother most about painting is the lack of satisfaction.  While I am painting I am completely taken by the lull of the waves, but quickly this feeling comes to a crashing end when I am finished with the piece. 

                                          'Adrift'     oil on gallery wrap canvas, 24 inch square
                                                             (click on image to zoom)

I don't quite understand it all yet, but somehow the paintings seem to connect with my feelings.  It is almost as though I wouldn't need to use words to express myself, but still I do, so that I can figure out what it was that kid inside was trying to say.

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