Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Defiantly Green ...... Backers Update link

                                                               (click on image to zoom)

 It just felt right to name this piece Defiantly Green- and yes, it is a bit personal. 

Have you ever experienced a moment like you have hit one of those bumps and havn't landed yet.. all in slow motion....ready to start rolling and then thunk... the stars come, lights go out... start flickering and then the answer stares down in your face.... dangled from the arms of an angel?  I am there.  The feeling is so strong that I hesitate to share the moment because I am not sure that is a moment anyone wants to share.  To work thru these bumps I try remind myself savor the sweets ... and am happy with the result of the painting.

BACKERS -  a link to a overdue post....... message me if you need the pass code .  Thank you for your patience as I work these bugs out.    Also.. if you contributed without using the kick starter site... contact me and I will forward you the code.

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