Saturday, October 30, 2010

....Artist A.E. Kieren gave me a highlight blogging about Artprize... :)

.....I was at class the other evening and learned that if you go to google , and then click on the more button, scroll down to blogs and click again.....enter what you are looking for in the search bar.......and there it is..... I tried it.... put in a favorite of mine... (Malcolm Liepke) ........and there it was..... a blog by artist A.E. Kieren (Anthony) , another Artprize Artist , (THANK YOU!!!!) gave me a highlight blogging about Artprize... :) So a big 'thank you' to

more ArtPrize highlights' (click on the link for the full article... he is really a quite talented writer/ illustrator worth checking out)

I was chatting with one of my funny brothers (I have a few of them...I mean funny as in gut wrenching funny- hilarious like) .... He was asking about Artprize, so I told him about the blog highlight ....He wasn't quite sure who Liepke was, so I informed him that he takes in a rough 10 thousand per square foot or so....and sent him a link to some of his work... I suppose he checked out a few of the links and came back with a quick.....'Clearly the guy is copying you'....It was suggested that I may as well forget about painting and just sue the guy for all he is worth. Take the pants right off of him.....and his 'anky' too, if he had one. For anyone who gets an inkling that I am serious here... it would be best just to start laughing..... Malcolm has much more wisdom than I in terms of painting, (I can only be the judge on matters that I know of, though many likely would say he has much more wisdom on all matters !) .....I have yet to see one of his beautiful works in the buff (not talking about me :) I am saying I havn't seen any for real! Only online, magazines, and books. I have been asked several times if I have studied with Malcolm also known as Skip Liepke or another well known artist, Milt Kobayashi, which is flattery in itself, but no, wish I had! Have to add that I havn't even come close to creating equal to their goodness!
What an inspiration! Purchased a book of Liepke work, and catalogues of his from either the Eleanor Ettinger Gallery or the , I don't remember which......

None the less, I feel somewhat sense of accomplishment in getting steps closer. I need to convey my own branding though....I just havn't figured how to call it all out. I am waiting for that day!

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