Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week one... Scottsdale

....One week down, one left to go...
I am having a bit of trouble doing any postings- as I am working with an ipad rather than my laptop. In no particular order ...(I am not able to rearrange / delete any pictures...and had to have my daughter post the pitures to my blog) ... are pictures from my first enjoyable week at the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona.

Several of the photos are demos in progress by Kobayahsi as well as some finished works of his. There are also a few photos taken at the wonderful home of an art collector.

Each class day starts at 10 am with a demonstration that runs until around noon. After lunch the students paint with live models ... (some are shown below)... class time ends at 5 pm.

The hotel that I am staying at is directly across the street from the school, an easy walk.

I am not sure how many galleries there are in Scottsdale... it seems to be an endless amount. I am quite sure I will not make it to all of them. The highlights of my gallery hopping today included wonderful Russian and Ukraine artworks, Renoir works (both drawining and sculpture)... original Picasso works.. (and was tempted to bring one home at 1.5 million,... just not too sure where I would put it... darn, had to leave it there.) I also got to see many Warhol and Rockwell artist proofs, which were fun to see.

Temperatures have been in the high 80's to low 90's... not as muggy as back home... The weather has been wearing me out a bit... as I am a bit forgetful to fill up on water.

I am looking forward to continuing my studies next week, though I am getting anxious to get home and try evolve my work a bit and put some new ideas that I want to try to the test. I will have to save that for another week or so.

p.s..... had to share the photo with the 'robes'... as I seem to remember them in some of Milts work... they were fun to see and recognize.

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