Monday, April 23, 2012

...A Sailor Man.....

                                                            (click on photo to zoom )

I was a bit bored the other day... having a bit of a block... so I decided to monkey a bit with some acrylic paints that I have at home.....  often as it does happen, my 12 yr old son was a bit bored too.... So I gave him one of my old partially painted canvas's ... which he could then paint over.

The thing that most excited me... (I only took a photo with my phone... the blue doesn't look quite so brilliant in person) .... was the similarities in method of creating.

First he started layering some blue on the canvas.... and then some red... and some yellow... and before I knew it... he had a sailor man.     The process part that I am relating to is the unplanned portion... often I want to just start painting and see what comes out... which is exactly what he did.  

Now I know Matt always likes to find a way or two to make a few extra bucks and would love to create to sell... but between you and I... I may have to buy it myself ...although mothers day is coming(hint, hint- maybe he will see this post)...  there is something about this painting that really hits my spark... and the part that irritates me is, I can't quite explain what that is.  

(will update with better photos later)

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