Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scottsdale Artists School...Kobayashi

After somewhat turbulent ride, arrival at the Skyharbor airport was a bit of a relief.
I got in at Homestead Studio Suites at 10:45 pm ... and was glad that I had stuffed a bag of English muffins and peanutbutter in my bag....

I am enjoying my room, though not a 'plush' stay, it is sufficient and practical.... newly remodeled, it has everything that I need.... a small kitchen, dressers...wifi... good shower etc.... the pool is on the warm side.

A plus of staying at Homestead in Scottsdale is location. Walgreens is across the parking lot, (as well as a few restaraunts) and the school is literally across the street.

Class started at 10 am,...the school is beautiful and I can't wait to share phictures but first I have to figure out how to post them as I am using an ipad.

After introductions of roughly 15 students, watching Milt do a demo was an anticipated treat. He makes it look very easy.

After the demo, two models were set up on each side of the class room where we were able to paint and get tips from the instructor.

Open studio is on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and most of Saturday. I did take advantage of the open time, and was able to paint with another live Model... did a quick small painting.

Aside from the bed being abit on the hardside... I really can't complain. It has been a great experience.

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Duane Romanell Photography said...

Small inconveniences are greatly outweighed by the experience. It's going to be a good one for you.