Monday, February 13, 2012

Facade ... (a watercolor)

Puchase 'Facade' via Ugallery

... It was a might bit cool this weekend so I decided to skip out on the studio and break out the watercolors... just for a bit of fun.... The part that I love the most about painting is the mystique of waiting to see what will appear on my canvas. This one, if you are familiar with my work, might take you as much off guard as it did I. Just to explain a tidbit... when I set out to create a work... I usually try to sit down with no intention or expectation of what needs to be done. There are only a few details that I am striving to portray, which I won't go into great depths explaining at this time. To share with you... the unveiling... of the watercolor (and a bit of quache) titled 'Facade'- actual painted size is 13.5 inches by 20.5 inches, with an approx 3/4ths inch white paper edge... To answer the... what does the title mean question... simply this, the exterior is not always a match for what is inside, judging a book by the cover is not always advised.


Christine Soccio said...

What amazing depth you've built up in this piece. Just gorgeous!

Kayleen Ylitalo-Horsma said...

Thanks Christine :)